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Common Issues:

Rosoka won't start after installation:
A valid License key is required to run this software. A License Key is sent separately. After installation of the product, replace the "licensekeys.xml" located under the ${ROSOKA_HOME}/conf directory where ROSOKA_HOME is the directory you installed Rosoka to.

Not getting any coordinates for PLACE entities:
Not all of customers want this feature by default. To enable this feature the geospatial database must be populated. In order to create and populate the geospatial database you will need to run one of the following: (on unix/linux)
      initializeGazetteer.comman (on mac)
      initializeGazetteer.bat (on windows)
To enable Rosoka to use the geospatial database you must edit conf/Rosokaproperties.xml and change the line:
      <entry key="internalGeoGravy">OFF</entry>
      <entry key="internalGeoGravy">ON</entry>

Permissions on Windows 7:
Windows 7 has known issues with running java programs installed under "c:/Program Files"
For Rosoka to properly run the permissions either need to be set by hand, or installed to a different directory.

Interfacing to the Rosoka Cloud™ or Rosoka Web Wervices

To help you set up bulk processing with your Big Data workflow, you may use the following sample code. This code sample may be cut an pasted into your favorite editor. It includes uploading files to the web service.

Sample Code»

Web page interfaces Rosoka Cloud™

Once you have started you Rosoka Cloud instance you may use it by going directly to the URL of your instance.

If you have configured it to a load balancer you may use the web page intefaces by going to the URL of your load balancer.